About Us

The Paramedical Faculty of India Trust Act is a registered corporate body under 1882. Whose registration has been done from Delhi in September 2010. After this, the trust has been registered from Lucknow on June 2020. According to its constitution, the faculty conducts various courses and trains the students through relevant colleges / study centers by teaching and teaching them.

Presently, due to new research tests in the medical field, the need for paramedical trained staff is increasing day by day. Trained paramedical technicians are serving government, semi-government and private hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, health care centers in the country. All these courses are helpful in government service, promotion. Faculty registered graduates are doing medical practice / jobs in the country and abroad. Paramedicals promote quality education, training and research in health and medicine in the field. The Central Government and the State Governments have not passed any Act for conducting paramedical courses and such courses are not under their jurisdiction. Make your future bright by passing a paramedical course.