Campaign of Medical

Protecting the public health and providing medical services to the neglected rural places, which is benefiting the rural population. Promoting medical science courses and removing unemployment amongst the society.


For the purpose of medical examination, graduates passed by the examination are done by the Para Medical Faculty of India, Delhi. It is a statutory offense to administer the registration without registration.


Para Medical Faculty of India, Delhi has arranged training and practical training for para-medical graduates. These studies are being conducted in collaboration with the centers.


Scientist from whole world are busy to invent new equipments, medicines and machines in interest medical Science of modern era and have more new equipments like Ultrasound, X-rays, ECG, Endoscope, Colonoscopy, C.T.Scan, Laparoscope, Lithotripsy and Dialysis etc. which are very useful for Diagnostic and treatment purpose whole of the world as well as India, but the Doctors invest a big time with these modern machines without trained technical staff also it is tiredful and busiest tsk for the specialist trained technical staff also it is tiredful and busiest task for the specialist which can decrease their efficiency and without trained and technical assistance they are helpless to conduct research work. Beside it that is not only difficult but quite impossible to diagnose a patient and test the diseases without technical assistance. So there is a great demand of medical technicians in various medical field in India and abroad at present as per Government officials noted that there is no Act or Council to regulate the hiring and functioning of Paramedics whether the country.

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